Tamale, Ghana, West Africa

The Mamprusi (Mam prue see) kingdom was founded around the sixteenth century. The kingdom spans most of the upper east region's of Ghana. The name of the kingdom is Mamprugu, the ethnicity is Mamprusi, and the language is Mampruli. 

Seen as the origin of their ancestrial home, the Mamprusi's honor the hallowed grounds of Bawku. The tomb of the founding elder, Naa Gbanwah/Gbewah, is located in the small community of Pusiga; which is about 9 miles from Bawku.

Until recently, "Mamprusi" was a term mainly used by outsiders. They called themselves "Dagbamba," a term also used by their southern neighbors.

The settlements of the Mamprusi's usually consist of a grouping of circular compounds that are surrounded by farmland. The countryside of this area of northern Ghana is tropical uplands with open woodland. Agriculture is central to the Mamprusi economy, and the Mamprusi are hoe cultivators. Principal crops include millet, corn (maize), yams, okra, hibiscus, rice, and tobacco. Men clear the land and plant yams, while women sow and harvest the grain and transport crops from the fields. Hunting and fishing are secondary activities.
Each Mamprusi village is an entire family in all. Each village consist's of a chief and elders who operate at the village government. 

Inside each village are several compounds that consists of immediate family members. Each unit of the family lives in a tuku hut that is either square or round, and are linked together to form a circular compound with a fire pit in the center for cooking and preserving. 

Inside the tuku huts is an open, concrete type, floor where they sleep on a think blanket and store much of their goods. 
At the time of this publication, according to Joshuaproject.net, there are about 250,000 Mamprusi people living in Ghana with only .5% professing Christian. The majority of these people have never even heard the name of Christ. 

According to Pastor Wisdom Ocansey, a pastor located in Accra, Ghana, the people in the south, where the majority of Christian Ghanians dwell, do not know the extent of the problems in the north. 

We thank you for your interest in reaching the Mamprusi people. God is worthy of the praise of all people's in the world, and He is worthy of the praise of the Mamprusi's. 

​God Bless
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