Tamale, Ghana, West Africa

Tamale (Ta ma lee), Ghana, West Africa is the fourth largest city of Ghana, and the capital town of Northern Ghana.

The city is home to about 350,000 people. Most residents of Tamale are Muslims, as reflected by the multitude of mosques in Tamale, most notably the Central Mosque.

Due to its central location, Tamale serves as a hub for all administrative and commercial activities in the Northern region, doubling as the political, economic and financial capital of the Northern region.

It is one city in Ghana where one can find an architectural blend of traditional slum and modern buildings with a hospitable people with a great respect for their traditional political system.
In 2008, the Tamale church was established by Bishop Lance Johnson while on a crusade into the Northern Ghana area; followed by a church in Walewale, just north of Ghana, and Gaagbini. 

After leaving the church he was pastoring, Bishop Johnson was left with the financial burden of trying to fund these churches by himself. 

In 2014, Bishop Johnson's desire was rekindled for God to be worshiped by the Mamprusi people of Northern Ghana. At the time, the church in Tamale was reduced to nothing more than a shack, about the size of a small storage shed in America.
With the help of anonymous donors, a new church was built in 2014 and, tasking a crew in 2015, Bishop Johnson went again to take the Gospel to the Mamprusi people of Northern Ghana.

In Africa, the church is the gathering place of the people. It's not uncommon to see the people gathered and talking throughout most days of the week.

Church services in Tamale are not much like those in America. A typical service will last about eight hours. The people give extravagant praise and seem to never tire from learning truth of God's Word.

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